Welcome speech by Mayor Zoran Janković

The welcoming word of the MOL mayor Zoran Janković to all participants of the PGSi 2019 Slovenia.

“Dear organizers, dear young people from Europe and North Africa.

In the most beautiful period of the year in Ljubljana, we host participants of the International Salesian Youth Games (PGSi), which are held in the Slovenian capital for the third time. 

The fact that the organizer – the Salesian Province – was entrusted with the execution of the jubilee, 30th games, is an honour and a great responsibility for them. At the same time, this is also an acknowledgment of the work in our city, of the planning and investments, which have contributed to the development of the field of sports and recreation. 

At competitions, of course, the achievements and victories are important. But not just those. As important, if not even more, is meeting and getting to know participants from fifteen other countries – there is also a participating team of young asylum seekers from the Postojna Dormitory – dialogue and reflection. All those things that make sport an important mechanism and incentive in shaping the values ​​and integrity of a young person. 

For many years, Salesians and volunteers have been winning this kind of victories in the area of ​​preventive work with young people, which has also been supported by the City of Ljubljana. 

Let the 30th PGSi further strengthen our efforts to direct young people to spend their free time in a healthy manner. They decide that on their own volition, but they can be effectively motivated by examples of top Slovenian athletes, who we have in abundance. 

Dear athletes, I wish you successful performances, and a bunch of unforgettable experiences to all thousand and more of our guests. 

Discover Ljubljana, a city of sport and a rich culture, in which the venerable past is holding hands with a lively beat of modernity. I believe you will visit us again.”

Foto: Uroš Hočevar