1.     Players equipment

  • Dark shoe sole is not allowed.
  • Because of possible blending with the ball, white T-shirt is not allowed, too.

2.     Time-out

Each individual or double is entitled to maximum one time-out in each match. The time-out lasts 1 minute.

3.     The ball

Standard table tennis balls of diameter 40mm are used during the games (Joola).

4.     The game and the match

A match consist of maximum 7 games. First player/pair who wins 3 games is a winner.
A single game wins the player or pair (doubles) who first score 11 points (or more) with 2-points advantage.

5.     Points and rankings

For each match, points will be assigned as follows:

  • 2 match points for a win;
  • 1 match point for a loss;
  • 0 match points for a loss in an unplayed or unfinished match.

If two or more teams are tied at the end of the group phase, the rank will be decided according to the following criteria:

  • Score in the games played between them;
  • Games difference in the games between them.
  • Games won in the games between them.
  • Games difference of all games.
  • Games won in all games.
  • Draw.

6.     Other rules

All other rules (not specified here), are written in ITTF Handbook 2019.