1.     Athletes admitted

  • All athletes and companions receive at the registration their PGSi card (required identity document). Only with this card they have right to compete and access to competition area.
  • All players who competes at the match have to show PGSi cards at least 10 minutes before the start to official scorer of the game. Players are registered and no extra list of players for the game is needed.
  • If the player does not have PGSi card (lost, forgotten), he has to show identity document and his coach or responsible person has to guarantee for him. In the case of lost PGSi card, you need to ask organizers for a new one.

2.     Categories and age limits

Competitions will be held in four categories in each sport:

  • Boys A category (born in 2001, 2002 and younger),
  • Girls A category (born in 2001, 2002 and younger),
  • Boys B category (born in 2003 and younger) and
  • Girls B category (born in 2003 and younger).
  • Girls are allowed to compete in boys teams (if they cannot form a team), on the opposite, boys are not allowed.
  • Players of A category can only participate in matches within their category. Players of B category can also participate in A category games. In table tennis individual can compete also in doubles.

3.     Colour of the shirts

If in the referee’s opinion the colour of teams shirts are the same or easy to confuse (in futsal and basketball), one of the teams (second written) must change its own or put on marker t-shirts (training bibs) provided by organizer.

4.     Waiting and cancelation of game

  • If a team is not on the field at the time fixed for the beginning of a match, the opposite team and the referee have to wait at least for 10 minutes. If the team does not arrive, they lose game (Futsal: 0:3, Basketball 0:20, Volleyball 0:2 in Table tennis 0:3) and are awarded with a penalty of one point on the table.
  • If a team reports their delay before beginning of the match and the purpose of delay is force majeure, team is not penalised. The match is together with Technical Commission rescheduled.

5.     Respecting rules  

  • Athletes, coaches and referees are obliged to respect all written rules and decisions of Technical commission. Moreover, they need to respect all rules of Fair play and ethics. Games should be played in the spirit of friendship, cooperation and mutual respect.
  • The referee has, on the field, always the last word; therefore, everybody has to respect his decisions even if he is wrong. All misunderstandings should be solved regularly.
  • Player or a coach, who is sent off, is automatically disqualified for next game, except if the Technical Commission decides other ways and allows player to compete.

6.     Appeals

  • Team can write an appeal right after the end of the match (in one hour), but only with valid and just cause. Appeal on referee’s decisions is not possible.
  • Appeal must be based on real irregularities, which have a significant effect on the result. Moreover, specific reasons and possible evidence should support it.
  • The committee that solves the complaint consists of 5 members: 1 responsible for sports PGSi 2019, 1 member of the Technical Commission, 1 member of the PGS-I Management Board, and 1 representative of the teams involved (2 in total). The committee’s decision cannot be appealed.

7.     Other rules

For anything not specified in these rules and rules of individual sport, athletes need to follow PGS-I rules and rules established by official international sports federations (FIFA, FIBA, FIVB and ITTF).

8.     Responsibility

  • All athletes, coaches and other companions attend and compete on PGSi 2019 on their own responsibility.
  • PGS International and Zavod Salesianum as organizers vow to do everything in their power for the safety of attendees. On the other hand we refuse to accept the responsibility for anything that happens outside official area or outside official events.