1.     The duration of the match      

All matches in all categories consist of 2 sets, if the score is tied 1:1, teams play third (reduced) set. Third set can be played also after one team won both sets (2:0), but that does not affect the final result (2:0).
In first two sets the first team that scores 25 points and has at least 2-point advantage over the opponent wins that set. If the score is tied 24-24, the play continues until one of the teams has a lead of two points without any top limit (26/24, 27/25….).
Third sets is always played until one team reaches 15 points (with 2-point advantage).

2.     Number of players and substitutions

Maximum of 12 players can be entitled to play in a game. 6 starting players and maximum 6 substitute players. A substitution must be announced to official scorer or referee (exception is libero player) and can be made when the play is stopped.

3.     Time-out

Each team is entitled to maximum one time-out in each set. The time-out lasts 1 minute.

4.    The ball

A standard volleyball ball is used during all matches (Mikasa MVA 200).

5.    Net height

  Men Women
Cat. A 2,43 m 2,24 m
Cat. B 2,35 m 2,20 m

6.     Points and rankings

For each game, points will be assigned as follows:

  • 2 points for the team that wins 2:0 or 2:1;
  • 1 point for the team that loses 1:2;
  • 0 points for the team that loses 2:0.

If two or more teams are tied at the end of the group phase, the rank will be decided according to the following criteria:

  • Score in the games played between them;
  • Sets difference in the games between them.
  • Sets won in the games between them.
  • Sets difference of all games.
  • Sets won in all games.
  • Draw.

7.     Other rules

All other rules (not specified here), are written in FIVB Official volleyball rules 2017-2020.