The PGSi abbreviation comes from the name of the international association Polisportiva Giovanilla Salesiane International, which has been an umbrella organization for 30 years over the organization of the International Salesian Youth Games. They are held annually in a different state of this association.


The essence of the International Salesian Youth Games is a sports competition. It competes in 4 different sporting disciplines and is sexually divided into two age categories. In addition to sporting activities, the main focus is on cultural exchange, socializing and spirituality.

The goals of the International Salesian Youth Games are to enable young people to get involved in sports. Through this, they build a world that respects fundamental values ​​such as: peace, friendship, truth, good, justice, freedom, love, human dignity, solidarity and fair play. More specific goals by areas are sports, cultural, promotional, integral, educational and religious.


As already pointed out, this year we celebrate the jubilee 30th game. In the table, we can see where all of them have been held so far. In the past, Slovenia hosted twice in 1993, and in 2008. Both times the games were held in Ljubljana.

Year Country City Year Country City Year Country City
2019 Slovenia Ljubljana 2009 several countries several cities 1999 Spain Valencia
2018 Poland Krakow 2008 Slovenia Ljubljana 1998 Italy Torino
2017 Spain Sevilla 2007 Germany Duisburg 1997 Poland Warsaw
2016 Slovakia-Austria Bratislava-Wien 2006 Croatia Zagreb 1996 Italy Catania
2015 Italy Torino 2005 Poland Warsaw 1995 Portugal Lisbon
2014 Slovakia Bratislava 2004 Italy Rimini 1994 Malta Valetta
2013 Croatia Zagreb 2003 Croatia Zagreb 1993 Slovenia Ljubljana
2012 Poland Krakow 2002 Italy Catania 1992 Italy Genoa
2011 / / 2001 Poland Warsaw 1991 Spain Barcelona
2010 several countries several cities 2000 Spain Madrid 1990 Malta Gozo