The 30th anniversary performance of the PGSi will take place from 30 April to 5 May 2019 in Ljubljana with the main stage at Kodeljevo. We expect 950 young athletes, 220 companions and 150 domestic volunteers. Participants come from 14 European countries and Egypt, and thanks to the Youth Guild, there will also be a team of young asylum seekers from the boarding school in Postojna.

The slogan of the 30th International Games of the PGSi 2019 is the “United by the field!”. At the field, we are first joined together because of the playground, that is, because of the game of sport, when we are in the role of an athlete. At the same time, we are united at the field, in the role of coach, supporters, animators, that is, all supporters from the community. We have combined these roles in a brief slogan that talks about the importance of sport for the whole community. During the games, however, we will especially highlight the importance of fair-play, especially for the young athlete, who is still shaping his values. In this sense, sport and fair play are a very good basis for the personal growth of adolescents.


The organizer of this year’s Games is the Salesian Inspectorate, within which Salesian operates, where the foundations of the games are laid.


Sports competitions will be held at the outdoor courts and in the gymnasiums of the Kodeljevo Sports Park, the Faculty of Sport and the nearby schools. The event will be on the outdoor playgrounds in the Kodeljevo Park, while the central ceremony will be held at the Kodeljevo Sports Hall. The teams will be placed in larger hostels and hostels around Ljubljana during the games. You can read more about game logistics on this link.


There are 104 teams and 33 athletes in table tennis with companions. The table below shows how many participants come from each country, how many teams are in each category, and how many competitors are in the table tennis discipline.

Country Number of athletes Number of assistance Teams futsal Teams voleyball Teams basketball Competitors table tennis
Austria 37 4 1 3    
Belgium 226 61 19 5 2 3
Chezch Republic 17 5 2      
Montenegro   7   1 1      
Croatia 63 11 1 3 2  
Egypt 9 2 1      
Germany 38 10 2 1 1  
Hungary 20 3 1 1    
Italy 54 19   1 4  
Malta 10 2 1      
Poland 251 71 6 13 5 26
Portugal 15 2   2    
Slovakia 108 21 11 1    
Slovenia     2 3   1
Spain 85 16 4 4 1 3
 Refugees  7   3 1      


In cooperation with the Youth Guild, a team of asylum seekers who are accommodated in a student dormitory in Postojna will also participate in the futsal. The organization will cover the costs of entry fees, accommodation, meals and equipment for asylum seekers. For the event, it is a great honour that we can accept the group and try to make the experience, despite the difficult period, remain a good memory for them.


Young people will move into 4 different sports. Of which in three team sports (futsal on artificial grass, volleyball and basketball) and one individual or doubles (table tennis). The categories are divided by gender (boys and girls) and in two age limits: U18 (2001, 2002) and U16 (2003 and younger).


In addition to sports, the event also has a great emphasis on spirituality. For the first time in the history of the PGSi, the organizers also named the patron of games, which became the Slovenian missionary and Salesian Andrej Majcen, who spent most of his life abroad. You can read more about his work on this link.

The teams are accompanied by priests who will be able to give service in their own language to all the companions in the parish church at Kodeljevo or in the chapel on the site itself. On Thursday, May 2, the chapel will also be exposed to most-holy, while the organizers will prepare an adoration for the evening, where A-band will contribute with music. For this purpose, a catechesis is also available, which you can read on this link.

The joint council of masses for all participants will be performed by the Archbishop Stanislav Zora on Saturday morning.


Each game is accompanied by a varied program prepared by the organizers. During the day, the participants will be able to spend time in games in Valdoc, which Salesians, after the example of the founder Janez Bosko, today call space for socializing, studying and learning. Valdocco will also host guests every day.


At the opening ceremony, which will take place on Wednesday, May 1st, the festive speakers will be greeted by young people. The Games will be opened by Georg Leibold, President of the International PGS-I Association. The accompanying program will include acrobats of street circus Fuskabo, dancers of the dance group Šin Šin and Stična band.

Cultural and national diversity at one event will be presented at the Festival of Nations on Friday, 3 May. Participants will present their countries with stalls in the hall and performances on the stage.

On Saturday, 4 May, participants will receive medals and cups at the closing ceremony. This time we will be able to see different acrobatics and wonder at the light poetry of the Čupakabra group. For the last time we will greet each other and wish each other a safe trip back home.

You can check the entire program on this link.


We are honored that the ambassadors of PGSI 2019 Slovenia are volleyball player Jan Kozamernik, table tennis player Darko Jorgič and basketball player Jaka Blažič, all members of the representative teams of Slovenia.

table tennis player
volleyball player

basketball player