Andrej Majcen, sdb (1904-1999)

The 20th anniversary of the death of God’s servant

Andrej Majcen (1904-1999) was a Salesian priest, a famous missionary who devoted his life to young Chinese and Vietnamese. As a young man, he has experienced several relocations since the family was looking for better living conditions. In his childhood, he attended sports association Sokol in his native Maribor, who had training facilities and attended training courses run by liberals following the example of the Czech Masaryk. Inspired by his book, Aforizmi, which did not speak much about God, but found a lot about how to regulate yourself, your spirituality, how to establish a strong self-control, what is the strong and persistent will that builds on trivia. He also learned how to prepare for the benefit of the neighbor, not giving himself selfishness. Andrej began to find out how much effort was needed to be successful in sport and how he was becoming a better man through sport. In all his missions, where he was a teacher and also a director, he took care to build large playgrounds and accompany young people who entertained and trained. In sport, he saw an important educational approach, in particular for shaping character, learning adaptation, coexistence and cooperation.

Let Andrej Majcen be our example in everyday efforts, learning, openness and education through sports. In these games, we especially recommend to him for our common and most important victory – to come to heaven.