Good is returned with good

Darko Jorgić is a 20-year old member of a representative Slovene table tennis team who is quickly climbing up the ladder. It is our honour to present him as an ambassador of the PGSi 2019 Slovenia. Table tennis is the only sport in which you can compete as a solo contestant.

Darko, which fun childhood experience in sports that you had stands out in your memory particularly?

The international game in Zagreb (Zagiping), younger cadets. I was losing against a Croat, a local with a result of 2/2 and in the final set with 6/0. My coach called a time-out and told me, how to play. I was nodding along, saying: “Yes, yes…,” when she asked me, what had she just told me. I replied that I don’t know. After that she turned me around and showed me, how to play. I won that set 11/6 and with that I also won the game.

Can you tell us three values that you have received with sports?

Respect, socializing, honesty, accuracy, fighting spirit, …

Who do you look up to the most and why?

Novak Đoković. As a little kid he wanted to become the best in the whole world. With his own work and diligence he proved himself and made it to the top. Even after an injury he successfully recovered and won.

Do you think it’s important to emphasize fair-play between young athletes?

Of course, fair-play is most important in sports. What goes around comes around. Good is returned with good.

Have you ever bore witness to a gesture of fair-play that made a special impact on you?

I would like to single out a happening which I heard about: at an international game one of the players’ racket snapped. When he didn’t have another his opponent lent him his reserve racket and they played the game to the end.