Evening of Worship

International Salesian Youth Games also give a great deal of emphasis to spirituality. For the first time in the history of the PGSi, the organizers appointed a patron of the Games: a Salesian missionary and God’s servant Andrej Majcen. There is also a chapel tent set up in the venue, where sport teams can gather for prayer and Holy Mass.

The third evening of the PGSi2019 was especially devoted to spirituality. The young gathered in the Kodeljevo sports hall for worshiping and adoration. The evening was enriched by worship music by the Abend band. The theme was a story of the good and the evil.

The first emphasis was the sacrament of baptism, by which we become God’s children. Since the life of an individual can also turn sideways, the second emphasis was the confession. Through it, God himself bends down to us and is inviting us once again to a path of good.

Speech of Marko Košnik, Salesian Provincial

The moto of this year’s PGSI is »United by the field! «

Which field is uniting us in this very moment, right now? We have just received a blessing from Jesus himself, present in the Holy sacrament. He wants to be present among us. He is among us.  May be there are some who don’t know Jesus.

And you know who is also among us? Don Bosco. Don Bosco united us. We are here now because of don Bosco. (Don Bosco is present in our eyes, in our desires, in our wishes). He is the one, that wants every young person to be happy. He does not want nobody to be sad.

Don Bosco offered to his young people a field, a playground with sports and entertainment, precisely for that, so they would be happy. But he knew for another playground, and that is the playground of a human’s heart. In our hearts we play a very serious game, a battle between good and evil. If we are happy, then love and the good in us is winning. If we are scared, then hate and evil is winning.

Now, the real question is: what brings out the true happiness in me? And what scares me?

Don Bosco suggests us two things: Eucharist (Holy Sacrament ali Blessed Sacrament) and Our Lady, the virgin Mary.

(You all probably heard about his dreams about the two pillars. On the stormy sea, there was a boat commanded by the pope, that was attacked by the enemy ships. The great ship sailed to the two pillars and when they tied the boat to both pillars, it could not be harmed. On the first pillar there was Holy Sacrament, and on the other pillar was a statue of Our Lady, of virgin Mary.)

What does Holy Sacrament represent in my life? It means that I am a part of the Church, that Jesus is my friend.

And what does Mary represent in my life? It means that I have a mother, who will guard my heart and will always lead me. With her, I will never get lost.

For the conclusion of this prayer, let us all together say one Hail Mary. All together, but each in their own mother language.

Photo: Žiga Lovšin